Arbury Road is an online magazine with the goal of discussing political ideas with the general public. It is one of the publications of the Arbury Foundation, a non-profit political organisation created to discuss the role of the European Union and promote its integration and improvement. Initially founded by 2 Cambridge PhD candidates, Arbury now has members and contributors across Europe and beyond.

At Arbury, we want to contribute to a general redefinition of values ​​and re-evaluation of priorities in our society. We want to give a voice to people who do not share the liberal elites’ blind optimism for the future, as well as understand our differences and develop common resolutions to problems, rather than create division. As such, we will explore many different themes and we will interview different people. We will have a series of articles and podcasts on austerity and circular economy, on the environmental crisis and the green new deal, on migration and the different dimensions of citizenship, on research and how it can contribute to society. That’s not all, as we will also have series analysing the real-life experiences of citizens, trying to understand their day-to-day problems and to find solutions.

Arbury Road wants to put the expertise of its members and collaborators, acquired during their studies and professional experiences, to the service of the general good and to define a new system of values ​​which can dictate a new political agenda. Arbury Road wants to campaign widely and guide this new agenda for Europe, to win back the heart of its citizens.

Paco Ruzzante
Co-founder & Managing Director

Co-founder and Managing Director of the Arbury Foundation, currently finishing his PhD in Economic History at the University of Cambridge.

Eoin Murray
Co-founder & writer

Co-founder of Kyso, Rinodrive (acquired) and the Arbury Foundation. Researched quantum dots at University of Cambridge and Tyndall.

Dermot kavanagh

Master’s graduate in Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice at the University of Valencia.

Giorgia Cazzola
Writer & legal consultant

Lawyer, with expertise in gender equality and instruments to fight gender-based violence.

Sylvia Durand
Writer & team member

Sorbonne graduate in French XVII Century Literature, working as a Planning Analyst in Kering Eyewear.

Iacopo Russo
Writer & climate expert

Engineering PhD researcher at the University of Cambridge.

Marta Musso
Writer & team member

Researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) and PhD in History from the University of Cambridge. 

Manuel Checchin
Writer & team member

Manager at Accenture where he leads intelligent automation practice.

Arturo Bjørklund Winters
Writer & team member

M.Sc. in physical engineering from the Technical University of Berlin. Active member of the German and Italian Social-Democrats. Deputy candidate for the European Parliament.

Martina Bozza
Writer & marketing consultant

Digital media specialist, graphic designer and copywriter. Communication technologies graduate from the University of Ferrara. 

Enric Juan Alcocer
Writer & team member

Materials Engineering graduate from Imperial College London, with a Master’s degree in Human Rights. Currently serving as Director-General for Social Infraestructures in the Valencian government. 

Francesca Papais
Writer & Marketing consultant

Graduated in EU politics at the University of Padova. Currently working for an NGO that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable communities in Africa.

Danilo Cressman
Writer & foreign policy editor

Graduate in Politics and International Relations from Cambridge University. Previously worked at Impakter as a journalist and editor.

Anna Hart
Writer & team member

Multimedia journalist trained at JOMEC Cardiff.

Francesco Galetta
Writer & team member

Cambridge Graduate in Human, Social, and Political Science.

Ana Morgado
Writer & team member

PhD student in Engineering at the University of Cambridge building efficiency metrics to decarbonise industries. 

Dario Palumbo

Bye-Fellow in Economics at Homerton College, University of Cambridge and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Caterina Garone

MD, PhD and current group leader of research lab and clinical consultant at the University of Bologna. Previous research activity at Columbia University and Cambridge University.

Alessandro Cosmo
Writer & team member

Graduate in International Law and Social and Business Entrepreneurship from Leiden University College. Project Manager at Global Human Rights Defence in The Hague. 

Josephine Neil
Writer & team member

PhD in Art History. Currently an independent researcher and visiting lecturer.

Alessandra Luna Navarro
Writer & team member

Researcher at Delft University of Technology, previous PhD candidate in Engineering at Cambridge and graduate of La Sapienza, Rome.

Katren Rogers
Writer & team member

PhD student in political science at Lund University, having researched the history of welfare services and social policy. Previously worked on education at the New Zealand Treasury.

Tiago Carvalho
Writer & team member

Currently a Researcher at CIES-IUL, Lisbon University Institute.PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge.

Jonas Busschop
Team member

Data scientist and expert in database building and automatisation.

Elena Evangelisti
Writer & team member

University of Padua graduate in Psychological Sciences and Techniques of Development and Education. Master’s in Clinical Sexology and Couple Therapy from ISEP, Valencia.

Alessandro Ceccarelli

Research assistant a the University of Cambridge with experience in education, research and E&D policy.

Maria Rosa Cagnasso
Writer & team member

Journalist with a degree in Publishing and Writing from Sapienza University of Rome. Writes for the The Vision.

James Felton
Writer and team member

British and Spanish multimedia journalist with a Master’s in International journalism from JOMEC, Cardiff.