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We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


Tania Sanna – Psychotherapist – Venice and Padova (Italy)

Tania says: ‘I think they are doing a great job because as a young woman and a young professional in the field of mental health, Arbury Road talks about very important topics in our society’. 

Alexis Inglis-Arkell – Brewer in Market Harborough (UK)

Alexis, true master brewer says: ‘I think that now more than ever it is the time for Europeans to come together, and I think that Arbury Road is a good place to do that’.


Liz Kavanagh – student at NUI Galway (Ireland)

Liz supports Arbury Road! “There’s never been a better time to have any even stronger EU”. If you too believe we need a stronger (and better) EU and want to read more about this topic, subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed!

Andrius Keblas – Senior Marketing Executive (remote worker in Valencia, Spain)

Andrius says: ‘The reason why I support Arbury Road is because I have travelled and lived in many European countries, and witnessed the benefits of diversity and inclusion in society’.

Valeria Val Pengo and Giacomo Berlini – Personal Trainers (Italy and Europe)

Valeria and Giacomo say: “We love the preject because it has a great group of guys behind it”. 

James Felton – Journalist in  (UK)

James Felton supports Arbury Road because: “They spoke about some very complicated issues and managed to simplify them but managed to explain them in a way that was engaging”.

Sarah Overby – PhD Biomedicine Researcher in Valencia (Spain)

Sarah says: ‘Being an American abroad and being in the hard sciences I do, sometimes, feel uninformed when it comes to European politics and having their articles and interviews and great resources have helped me tremendously’.